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Diablo2 Specific Game Guidelines :

  • All Angels games should be created with no level restrictions and maximum allowed players.
  • Ask other players before completing any quest within the game. If this will affect their quest completion, unparty before quest is complete.
  • If a new player joins and needs previously completed quests, please join them in a new game at earliest convenience and if it is possible to do so.
  • Shrines found in the game should go to the most applicable player, depending upon the situation. (I.e. XP shrine to lowest level player, gem shrine offered to all players for best gem match, health shrine & combat shrine to melee players, mana shrine to non melee players.)
  • Be considerate and communicate to other players when going to town. Other party members should wait for return, unless given the goahead from departing member.
  • Try to remain as a group when playing in the same area, unless previously agreed that splitup would be more effective.
  • Offer portals for players when possible, and communicate if the portal is "hot."
  • Please communicate with other players concerning readiness for the opening of evil urns, seals in CS, etc.
  • If there is an item on the ground, please ask other players before taking or selling the item.
  • All items found in game belong to the party that found them. If You need to leave before items are distributed, please ask about any items wanted. Especially good/unique items should be distributed in town immediately after find (thus eliminating possibility of loss due to game crash.) All items found should be distributed within the game based on the following: Class specific items should go to class of character if present. Item that is being replaced with new find should be offered to party.
  • Please use good judgment when trading outside of AOH. If there is a good chance the item is not legit, do not trade for it.
  • Particularly nice items that were found in a party of AOH members should never be traded/sold without offering to those members first. If You do not remember what members were with You when the item was found, please make a general post to the AOH forum.
  • Hardcore characters should always allow fellow members to loot corpse.
  • Players should only go hostile if a duel is agreed upon with the other AOH players.
  • PK’ing is never acceptable within AOH. If in a public game, defending your players is acceptable, but an AOH member should never be the first to hostile (unless for an agreed upon duel.)