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Our Principles:

  • FUN. We Have Fun! We seek to increase the fun of other players.
  • RESPECT. We have and show respect to all other gamers, in and out of the guild. We treat others as we expect to be treated. We are polite.
  • FAIRNESS. We promote fairness in your dealings with others. We don't cheat or use unfair methods to gain advantage over other gamers.
  • MATURITY. We remember our organization is "mixed company", young and old, male and female; we behave accordingly. We are tolerant of those who sometimes forget to do so.
  • INTEGRITY. Some games require us to self-police to maintain game integrity. We are careful to maintain our protected areas. We are honest. We don't take what isn't ours.
  • TEAMWORK. Our group was founded to promote "cooperative" play, where different abilities among players create a stronger whole. To us, a well-functioning team is the funnest play of all.

Our additional rules for those who Need Them Spelled Out:

  • Treat the principles as "general rules", applying to games, message boards, and chatting.
  • Don't give our passwords out where non-members can see them.
  • Maturity refers to offensive or inappropriate language or conversations.
  • In general, we expect our members to continue to maintain our principles outside of our group. Outside behavior still reflects upon the honor of our guild.

Diablo II Specific Rules: