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Welcome to the new era of AoH

Well I'm very sorry that two months have past and no newsletter has come before until now. An unusual amount of circumstances prevented me from writing monthly lately. So please find it in your kind hearts to NOT cancel your subscriptions. Hang in there, at least when it does show up on the news page it's worth reading.

Once again as there are no serious critics to our newsletter format so we will still be changing it around from time to time. It will take some time to settle on a particular format so please be patient. Also feel free to send in your Hullabaloos and comments to the editor BallBasher and as always, enjoy!


Interview with the Guild Member

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Interview with WildBill

"He captured the public's fancy," Hill adds. "He certainly inspired the many writers who crossed his path, and he didn't duck the interviews. He had a rather show business personality, but I think he very clearly saw that the kind of notoriety he was getting might, in the end, cost him his life...which it did." This was a quote from director Walter Hill about his movie "Wild Bill"

Each month we hope to bring you an interview with a guild member chosen at random. Through this interview we will learn more about this member as an individual. We know that some members treasure their privacy on the net and we will respect this by choosing from volunteers. We hope that a personal insight will give you a feeling of friendship and camaraderie. This month’s interview is with Wild Bill. If any members (other than the ones that have spoken up already) wish to be included on the interview list please contact Blackthorne.

<Blackthorne> what was your interest for volunteering to do this interview?

<Wild Bill> Well, I would like to get to know most of the group as well as possible, and this is an opportunity for them to learn a little about me perhaps.

<Blackthorne> where are you coming from on the Internet?

<Wild Bill> City of Newport News, in the state of Virginia

<Blackthorne> Cool name for a town :)

<Wild Bill> Yeah, I think there is some kind of women's fashion catalogue with that name also...don't understand the connection :)

<Blackthorne> Bill how old are you?

<Wild Bill> Knocking on the door of birthday is the 30th of August.

<Blackthorne> Cool mine is 2 days before you :)

<Wild Bill> Great month to be born!

<Blackthorne> yes but I don't like being a Virgo

<Wild Bill> ...doesn't help me with my current marital status...or is that "lack of" marital status :)

<Blackthorne> How long have you been on the net?

<Wild Bill> I believe it was Feb 97 when I first bought a modem and got online

<Blackthorne> isn't pretty late in life to pick up the habit?

<Wild Bill> True...I never gave the online scene much thought before then, but maybe that was because it's really only exploded in the past couple of years...

<Blackthorne> Ok I'll ask a different question for you then, how long have you been involved with computers?

<Wild Bill> Hmmm, let's see...this computer was bought in 95, one before that in 91/92...and a Radio Shack one before that, so I'll say around 9-10 years total.

<Blackthorne> so you were involved in the home PC gaming revolution then?

<Wild Bill> I've gone through just about every stage of it I suppose...

Started with an Atari 2600 gaming system, then a Colecovision, then the computers, and larger costs, came after that...

<Blackthorne> I hear you, my first 486 was about 3500 dollars yikes!

<Wild Bill> Yep...oh, and I forgot ...a Commodore 64 was actually my first computer, between the Colecovision and the Radio Shack, it doesn't seem that long :)

<Blackthorne> no not really I guess, damn tape drives on those 64's :)

<Wild Bill> I couldn't afford a much back in those days, and I remember I gave away that computer to a woman in our church who had a couple of kids...she had it for only a month or so before it died on her :)

<Blackthorne> your still l a generous man, straying from your moniker though :)

<Wild Bill> ...well, thanks, and you know, it's a funny thing about the name.... when I first got online, I was VERY naive about things, and would willingly volunteer my name/address/eye color/etc to any and all who wasn't until I saw what "hackers" could do, that I kind of trying to "hide" myself just a little bit

<Blackthorne> learning the old fashion way, school of hard knocks :)

<Wild Bill> Very true...luckily, I never tried to make anybody mad...but I have seen some "fights" turn into hacking wars ...I almost laugh at it sometimes

<Blackthorne> it’s a good thing that NUKE software is different than the real thing!

<Wild Bill> Yeah, imagine if Apoc staffs worked in real life :)

<Blackthorne> ROFLOL :)

<Blackthorne> when and where did you encounter AOH?

<Wild Bill> can’t remember exactly when it was, but Sherri, whom I had built a friendship from a wrestling website, told me about a great place to play a game called Diablo. He said the group was legit and that they enjoyed playing co-op games. This was brand new to me, I had never played an online, multiplayer game before in my life...didn't have a concept of what was involved. So I came to the channel, hung around a few, played a few games and somehow or another, I squeaked into the guild on the narrowest of votes! :)

<Blackthorne> It has never been the same since :)

<Wild Bill> ...let's just say, I hope not! :)

<Blackthorne>what's your favorite game to play online with your fellow guild members?

<Wild Bill> Diablo and the mods associated with it...I've played Starcraft, but given my advanced age, I never could master the speed required to keep up with the ever changing environment.... uh, in other words, I was perfect cannon fodder! :)

<Blackthorne> hehe, stay away from Quake I assume?

<Wild Bill> I played a demo of the first Quake...I had played Doom, and I eventually played Duke Nukem...but Quake just didn't catch my eye like those other two games did...and of course, then came Diablo.

<Blackthorne> Well are you looking forward to the release of Diablo 2?

<Wild Bill> That's almost an understatement of how I feel about the upcoming release...for me, it means I'll be buying a new computer in the next couple of, I have a lot of "use or lose" leave from work that I intend to "use" on the release of D2...there may be other games coming out soon, that are "like" Diablo, but the only one I'm really looking forward to is D2.

<Blackthorne> Just like a kid at X-mas :)

<Wild Bill> ...very good comp, new game, no work.... can’t beat that :)

<Blackthorne> Do you have any hobbies away from the computer you would like to share with us?

<Wild Bill> I collected comic books for over 25 years...finally gave it up a few years back when I concentrated on paying off the mortgage on my house.... they’re going to be my retirement nest egg...hopefully :)

<Wild Bill> I use to play softball and volleyball, but don't do that much any more...and other than being a lifetime wrestling fan, that's about all the hobbies I can think of.

<Blackthorne> here’s me wishing to peak at your Comic library :)

<Wild Bill> well, if Marvel did it between earl y 70's to early 90's, I probably have it :)

<Blackthorne> NICE! Big X-men fan?

<Wild Bill> ...yeah, I started buying their books about 15 issues after they got hot.... I was able to pick up those books eventually...but I enjoyed the Hulk, Ghost Rider, and even Spider Man more...I know people will look at comics and probably laugh...but if they take the time to look at the artwork in some of those books, they'd be blown away...always wished I had that kind of talent :)

<Blackthorne> Amen to that!

<Blackthorne> What's your favorite colour?

<Wild Bill> Always been green...dark, I think the term is "emerald green"

<Blackthorne> any particular reason for that?

<Wild Bill> Weird...I really don't know.... growing up I was a BIG fan of the Oakland A's and the Boston Celtics...both have green as prominent colors...I guess I associated green with winning, as both of those teams were hot when I was growing up.

<Blackthorne> I guess you’re a big fan of St. Patty’s Day then?

<Wild Bill> hehe, yeah, I better be if I like green :)

<Blackthorne> What’s your favorite movie of all time?

<Wild Bill> ...there are several that come to mind...I'm a big fan of comedies, so my favorites would come from that genre...The Blues Brothers came about when I was just out of school and it holds a special place in my heart...but there is another one, a much older one, that I like almost as's the "The Great Race" with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, and Peter Falk...I was able to see that again recently, and still find it as funny and enjoyable as the first time I saw it :)

<Blackthorne> what's your favorite food(s)?

<Wild Bill> I was basically raised on cardboard pizzas, but I'll have to say that nowadays Chinese food is my favorite.... especially the hot stuff, like General Tso's Chicken or Szechwan

<Blackthorne> I love Chinese too, Especially buffet :)

<Wild Bill> MANY great buffets in this area...I'd say there's at least a dozen or more within a 5-10 mile radius.

<Blackthorne> Well you must be a happy camper then?

<Wild Bill> ...variety is the spice of life they say...and this area has grown to the point where you have that variety...Italian, an, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Seafood, you name it, we have it

<Blackthorne> Wow, down to the nitty gritty last question already

<Blackthorne> if you could change something for the future in the guild what would it be?

<Wild Bill> you know, it's we have a guild, with members worldwide, different ages, sex, nationalities, etc. I’ve lived in Virginia all my life, so I know basically one style of living...yet, I associate with people on a daily basis that do things differently...what I would like to see happen for the future of the guild is for us to continue to learn more about each other, because I believe the more you know, the closer you will become, and the friendships get stronger. I've been lucky to have lunch with Puff, and would love to meet some of the other AOH'ers. We sometimes think that our online persona HAS to be different than our real lives...well, for me, what you see is what I am...I enjoy humor, I enjoy encouraging others, I like to set up different things/events, and I like to get to know the people better...not just game with them, but watch them grow up also...I hope that makes a little sense :)

<Blackthorne> Wow spoken like a true AoH'er and friend!

<Blackthorne> thank you very much for the chance to interview you Bill and for your honesty, you speak well for the future of the guild :)

<Wild Bill> I appreciate it and appreciate your time in doing this also

<Blackthorne> thanks

Stock Market Report

If you haven’t already visited the Hollywood Stock Exchange now is the time to do so. They have redone their web page interface so it is easier to join more than ever.

Also to go along with your 2 million movie dollars, you will also receive 2 million more for a Music portfolio. This latest addition to the frey allows you to invest in artists or bands with no discrimination. A good strategy that I have employed here is to round out your portfolio with artists from all music aspects. I.e. country, rock, pop, rap, heavy, punk etc. I chose Metallica, Madonna, Limp Bizkit, Lenny Kravitz and turned a 47 % increase in stock value in 12 days. Don’t forget coming soon you’ll be able to use those Hollywood dollars to purchase merchandise and it doesn’t cost you a penny except for your time. Visit the exchange here.

Summer Movie Bonanza

Man, how do I spend my $9.50 this summer? As movie consumers we have found it increasing difficult to choose what we would like to see this summer. There are a multitude of good choices throughout the summer months. I for one like the action thrillers, for my money go check out Deep Blue Sea. It has the best shark attack scene in the history of Hollywood, made me nervous to take my kids to the local wave pool! There are numerous other movies vying for your dollar so check the AoH forum for the latest movie review and spend your $9.50 wisely.

Trivia Busters

There is a popular trivia game being played at the local pub next to you. It’s name is NTN and it can finally be played by those either too young to drink or those that don’t support their local dart teams J NTN is a wonderful game to play while socializing at the local roost to show your friends how 6 sheets to the wind you could possibly know what a fizgig is. (Look it up, it’s in the bookJ ). Now by logging in and playing at home you can brush up on your knowledge of entertainment, sports and general nonsense. If your any good at useless information you might even qualify for prizes and contests the NTN group holds all the time. (Canadians don’t qualify for the prizes, I guess we won too many in the past J )

Members of our great clan, if you have had a problem in the past with technical difficulties but have had it resolved some how. Could you please send your experience to Blackthorne for review and posting so others can learn from your bad day. This will benefit all of us down the road especially if we archive the problems for reference.

Tweak-UI What a Tool!

If your one of the millions of people that uses either Windows 95 or 98 then you too can spruce up your interface to give it that "this really is my computer" feel. There is a unique little program a collection or utilities if you will, written by some awesome people at MS called Tweak UI. It is esentially called a power tool by Windows You will find this program in your control panel, if it is not then install it off of your CD. This program will allow you to do many things like setup how your system boots, change the appearance of your desktop, etc. A very cool tab called paranoia allows you to setup your web browser functions like erasing URL ‘s after a day, erasing history and stuff like that.

Have you ever wondered what the hell those little white arrows on your icons did? I have and it bothers me to no end that I have to have a visual aid to tell me there are shortcuts on my desktop. Why? I ask you, I don’t need them and when I delete the application those annoying little twerps stay behind and cluster. Well not any more with Tweak UI I can remove those nasties in a flash with a check of a box. Poof! Freedom from shortcut arrow enslavement finally and the key was provided by the Building "Z" programmers of Microsoft. You know the guys and gals they keep locked up working on twisted projects and wired on 100% Starbucks J

Book Review

I don’t usually do book reviews as our choices differ from person to person so much. But this month I’d like to make an exception. The book is called "The Microsoft File: The Secret Case Against Bill Gates". Wendy Goldman Rohm of periodical and newspaper high tech article fame wrote it. I really didn’t enjoy the way the book was written, too many adjectives to describe a nothing moment in the book. What really struck me was the vast amount of inside information she was privy to through various "deep throats" and other sources. This book is a definitive blow to the head for Microsoft supporters and an eye opener to the unknowing (but Microsoft crazy) masses. I could not believe some of the things Bill Gates and his lackeys were purported to have done. It is a no brainer to find Microsoft in the bosom of the Justice Department as we speak now. I do recommend this book to those that are familiar with Microsoft’s business practices and to those that like to see Goliath cough up a fur ball once in a while. If you’re happy with Microsoft and it’s products DO NOT read this book for it will surely disillusion you for the future.

We have some winners for the Puzzle contest, Winner for the Bubble Cartoon contest!  Sheesh surrounded by winners.