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. How to join AoH

There are several steps involved in joining this guild, and it is not a fast nor easy process. Your first step is to read our Guild Rules. If the style of our play matches your own and you truly believe in an honorable, no cheat or hack, cooperative game, then your next goal is to gain sponsorship from one of our members.

Guild consideration is by invitation only, so the best way to get invited is to chat and play some games with our members. The easiest way to do this is to visit our channel on, channel "public chat aoh". When there, introduce yourself and let the people in the channel know that you are interested in joining the guild. Play some games with them. You may or may not be able to acquire a game with someone as they may already have plans, but be patient. The best thing to do is to keep trying; someone will play, it just takes time. Also, please be polite. The bots in our channel ("bots" are programs which are always around and maintain our channel) do not tolerate foul language and will automatically kick out anyone using it. Additionally, if you persist in being impolite, you will at a minimum be ignored and eventually even be banned from the channel.

Remember that people in channel AoH are not necessarily members of AoH. Our channel is free for anyone to visit, and once in a while we get an
occasional troublemaker or imposter there. For the most part though you
can always find a member or two that you can speak with. We'd be glad to talk or play with you, anytime. Just as a note, some of us use descriptives like BNM (Beyond Naked Mage) and SNOB (for chars that only use uniques) to identify character variants, but we do NOT use guild identifier tags in our character names ie: {AoH}. If you see anyone using tags of this nature they are not members of our guild, so be careful of them.

Once you have played a few games with our members and they feel your
style coincides with the guild beliefs and attitudes, one of them will recommend (sponsor) you. At that point the member will give you a URL to fill out a membership request form (the URL is confidential and not to
be given out). After you have submitted the form you will be assigned an
evaluator who will send an email with all the additional information you
need to continue the evaluation process. Finally, when the evaluator is
satisfied of your intentions, you will be told whether or not you have gained admittance.

This may seem like a lot of trouble and it will take some time to accomplish. You're right. The purpose of this system is not only to weed
out people who don't fit in with our guild concepts, but also to protect
our members, games and passwords from the diseases that have eaten away at the public games. We are here to have fun with our friends. We don't want people who would make such things difficult. However, if you've got what it takes, then you'll be welcomed by all into our gaming league as a friend.

Until we see you in channel, have fun.