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AoH Game Etiquette
*Game Etiqutte is not about rules, but is about courtesies that members have come to
expect from one another.
  • It is AoH custom for players to put all of their finds near the fountain in town so they can be distributed at the end of the game.  A find for one is a find for all.
  • It is not AoH custom for players to use Telekinesis to grab gold or treasures.
  • If you join a pre-existing game, ask those who are already there if you can join.  If they say they prefer to keep the team they have now, find another game.
  • If you join a pre-existing game and plan to clear a section of the game that has not been already cleared, ask the players in the game whether they mind if you clear that section.
  • If someone lags out of a game, wait a reasonable time for their return.  If they don't return, leave all of your gold and other non-essential items behind and try to take as much of their non-replacable items as possible.
  • When someone joins your game, offer a portal in a clear zone.
  • If you are offered something particularly good at Adria or Grizwald or Wirt and you don't want it, announce what it is in case others would like to purchase it.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to, if a group goes down stairs or a portal together, no one should start to move until all parties are down are ready.
  • Don't ask for equipment that you wouldn't have been able to find yourself.  Don't give another player equipment that they would not have been able to find for themselves.
  • If you ask another player for equipment and that person refuses for whatever reason, do not beg or badger that person; the matter is closed.
  • If jewelry falls as a monster drop and you hear it, let the other players know.  If you find the ring or amulet, let the other players know so they can stop looking.
  • If you join a game and cause excessive lag, leave the game and find another.
  • To avoid lag at inappropriate times for players already on a level, tell people when you are coming down to that level.
  • If you join a game and the characters are substantially below you or higher than you in level, find a new game.