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In 1996, Blizzard Entertainment® released one of their best selling games, Diablo™. Players soon became addicted to this wonderful universe and gathered onto Battle.Net™ where they could freely play on the Internet against other players from all around the world. Unfortunately, adventuring alone in the depths of Battle.Net™ turned out to be quite risky. Players were abusing others by killing them and stealing their equipment. Some others decided to use cheats and hacks to enhance their character's power and duplicate/alter their pieces of equipment. Finding it more and more difficult to trust other players on Battle.Net™, people gathered and created clans and guilds. This is how our guild was born.

Angels of Hell was born on May 3rd 1997 to provide a safe environment where people could play without cheats, hacks, and duplicated items. A small group of players soon gathered around the founding members of the Angels of Hell, Darksniper, Garcia and Extacy, and since then, the Angels of Hell has welcomed many other players in its house. The group has grown up and the members have developed strong ties with each other. It was only natural that the friendships developed while playing numerous games of Diablo™ were conveyed to other games. With an always increasing number of members and a wonderful diversity of games played, Angels of Hell, a Diablo™ born guild, has become an online gaming community.